Remoting (.NET 1.1) Performance Guidelines - Channels

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- J.D. Meier, Srinath Vasireddy, Ashish Babbar, and Alex Mackman

Use TcpChannel for optimum performance.

The TcpChannel in combination with the BinaryFormatter for serializing data provides the best performance remoting solution.

.NET remoting uses channels to communicate method calls between two objects in different application domains. Channels rely on formatters to create a wire representation of the data being exchanged. The.NET remoting infrastructure provides the HttpChannel and TcpChannel.

The HttpChannel is used when you use IIS and ASP.NET. While it provides slower performance in comparison to the TcpChannel used with a custom host process, you benefit from the security features provided by IIS.

Use the TcpChannel in trusted server scenarios.

If you choose the TcpChannel for performance reasons, be aware of the security tradeoff. Use this approach only in trusted server scenarios.