.NET Framework 2.0 Performance Inspection Questions - Ngen.exe

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- J.D. Meier, Srinath Vasireddy, Ashish Babbar, Rico Mariani, and Alex Mackman

Do You Precompile Windows Forms Applications?

Windows Forms applications use a large number of shared libraries provided with the .NET Framework. As a result, the load and initialization time for Windows Forms applications can be much higher than other kinds of applications. While not always the case, precompiling Windows Forms applications usually improves performance. You should test your application with and without precompilation to be sure.

Do You Create Large Shared Libraries?

Precompiling your code using Ngen.exe generally helps if you create large shared libraries, because you pay the cost of loading then much more often. Microsoft precompiles the .NET Framework assemblies because the assemblies are shared across applications. This reduces the working set size and improves startup time.

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