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== Engineering Practices Frame == == Engineering Practices Frame ==
-{| style="width:80%;border:1px solid #ccc;vertical-align:top;color:#000;"+{| border="1" style="width:80%;border:0px solid #ccc;vertical-align:top;color:#000;"
| '''Knowledge Area''' || '''Practices''' || '''Activities''' || '''Artifacts''' | '''Knowledge Area''' || '''Practices''' || '''Activities''' || '''Artifacts'''
|- |-

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Better software through proven practices. Improve the ability for practitioners to build quality software solutions faster and easier. Build a community around engineering practices to help foster emerging software engineering practices, as well as make good software engineer practices more accessable to everyday practice.

Engineering Practices Frame

Knowledge Area Practices Activities Artifacts
Planning Planning Practices Planning Activities Planning Artifacts
Requirements and Analysis Requirements Practices Requirements Activities Requirements Artifacts
Architecture and Design Arch And Design Practices Arch And Design Activities Arch And Design Artifacts
Development Development Practices Development Activities Development Artifacts
Testing Testing Practices Testing Activities Testing Artifacts
Deployment Deployment Practices Deployment Activities Deployment Artifacts
Maintenance Maintenance Practices Maintenance Activities Maintenance Artifacts
Security Engineering Security Engineering Practices Security Engineering Activities Security Engineering Artifacts
Performance Engineering Performance Practices Performance Activities Performance Artifacts

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